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 My wife, Denise, and I raised two children here. Through my involvement in organizations like Boy Scouts and Little League I have gotten to know many of our neighbors and the importance of strong community. I have talked with people for years about how we can improve our neighborhoods.

Pro bono legal work has always been a way for me to give back to the community which has given us so much. My wife and I moved to DC in 1984 so I could attend law school. I opened my own law practice with an emphasis on real estate and business law, and currently work for a local settlement company in Kingstowne, also serving as their DC counsel.

Virginia is our home and I am proud to be your candidate for the House of Delegates. We need to open our schools, support law enforcement and get the state economy going again. Richmond needs someone like me to represent our Northern Virginia voices and values. My family and I have been blessed to live in this community for more than 30 years. I honestly never expected to be a candidate for public office, but I recently felt compelled to run to be your Delegate for the 44th House District in the General Assembly so that our values and needs are voiced in Richmond.

Far too often, politicians say one thing in Mount Vernon and vote another way in Richmond. It’s time for us to support someone who puts our community first. Our taxes are just too high. It’s about time that hardworking families get some relief.

Did you know that you are unable to itemize your Virginia tax return if you take the standard deduction on your federal taxes? Politicians in Richmond were reluctant to fix this mess because it gives them an extra $600 million per year to spend. That’s right – politicians in Richmond think they can spend your money better than you can.  A recent compromise with the Governor won a concession of a 50% increase in the state standard deduction. I will fight to get the remaining 50% increase you deserve.

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